SAN DIEGO - The 73rd annual Duval County Fair is around the corner with over 230 students participating this year with 438 projects validated. The fair is scheduled for Feb. 28 and 29th at the Rotary Pavilion.

The fair is hosted by the Rotary Club of San Diego for two full days and nights. Students from the county showcase their animals and home economic exhibits. Its purpose is to help students understand the importance of agriculture while they have a chance to earn money they can use towards their college tuition.

Every year, Rotarians add to the fair getting the community more involved in the fair.

This year San Diego Rotarians will be honoring major contributors of the fair and the students who participate. The honorees are Lynn and Oscar Wyatt, and Luis Roberto Garza. The honorees have never hesitated to help Rotarians, the fair or the students in any way. They have been instrumental in the success of the fair each year.