Early voting at the Jim Wells County Courthouse Tuesday morning, was casting local residents electronic votes incorrectly.

The issue, reported at 9 a.m., was that voters were receiving electronic ballots with the wrong precinct.

Maria Antonia "Tonie" Kuhlman, the JWC elections administrator, stated the courthouse switched to paper ballots after 12 p.m. because of the issue.

"I have been on the phone with the Secretary of the State and we have followed the correct protocol and rectified the issue in-house," Kuhlman said.

When Kuhlman was asked about the morning voters casting their votes on the wrong ballot and under the wrong precinct she said, "No comment."

Who this will most likely effect in a close race.

The Democratic Candidates for Constable Precinct #1 and Precinct #6 and the Democratic Parties for County Commissioner Precinct # 1.

All Republicans Candidates are unopposed.

Calls to the Texas Secretary of State were made by the Alice Echo about the situation. We were asked to email our questions.