The Alice Independent School (AISD) voted to apply for grant funds with the Governor’s Office, Juvenile Justice and Truancy Prevention Program.

After the Santa Fe shooting in 2018, Texas has budgeted grant dollars to prioritize the improvement in mental health services, truancy prevention and improvements in the juvenile justice system.

“The grant funding on the program for truancy only allocated $75,000 statewide, but I think Alice has a good chance to receive the grant and it's a $30,000 shot,” said AISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Scarbrough.

AISD plans to use the funds for a new student truancy software called RaaWee in the amount of $30,000. The software is a dropout prevention and truancy reduction tool. It will alert administrators, counselors, teachers and parents on truancy students and hopefully prevent at-risk situations.

The grant is a competitive grant with other Texas non-profit entities and school districts.

Counties that receive funding must comply to a series of guidelines on juvenile convictions and trends and submit the data to Austin.