The Jim Well County Appraisal District (JWCAD) hired Anselma Acuna Aguirre, Registered Professional Appraiser (RPA), as the county's new senior supervisor appraiser.

Orange Grove native and previous employee, Aguirre worked at JWCAD as an appraisal clerk before she ventured off to El Paso where she was an appraiser. For the last 14 years, Aguirre was employed in Laredo-Webb County.

"She is a great fit for the district with extensive knowledge in residential and commercial appraisals- and she's familiar with our database," said Chief Appraiser Sidney Vela.

The public outcry from last October’s JWCAD board meeting came from the previous years appraised property values. Due to lack of staffing JWCAD had hired an outside firm Eagle Appraisal Services to appraise the county’s property values. Last years property values resulted in many unhappy property owners who voiced their concerns from the spiked increase in relation to the county's economic decline in the oil industry.

The issue actually created a signed resolution from city council leaders to recommend JWCAD to hire locally and not contract out with Eagle Appraisal Services for the following year.

"We have increased the salary for the position and will hopefully try to have someone hired by the first of the year," Vela said in October 2019.

Vela honored his statement with filling the leadership role for JWCAD.

"We have two more appraisal positions to fill and have decided to hire as an entry level locally for someone wanting to learn and grow as an appraiser," Vela said.

The position is licensed through the Texas Department Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) with a series of classes for regulatory state licensure.