SAN DIEGO - Students and board members were recognized Wednesday night at the San Diego Independent School District.

Junior high students Destiny Saenz and Mikhaylah Gonzalez were recognized for their work and placement at the Association of Texas Small School Band (ATSSB). The ATSSB is a musical organization that promotes the interests of small school bands in Texas.

Saenz plays the trumpet and Gonzalez plays the flute. Both girls competed against over 100 students in their band sections and made it to the top of 10 in their sections.

Also recognized for their hard work, dedication and countless hours to the students of San Diego were the school board members. They received goodies and were serenaded by the San Diego High School’s Mariachi Azul y Oro.

School board members are Librada “Libby” Vela, Manuel Molina, Belinda Vera, Carlos “Cale” Espinosa, Pete Guerra, Ralph Saenz III and Rene Valerio.

January is dedicate to honoring school board members across the nation.