Dale Wilson, the president of the Jim Wells County Habitat for Humanity board, was invited to speak with Alice Rotarians on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Wilson spoke about the non-profit organization’s background and how the Christian based organization helps local families with homes. Rotarians asked questions about fundraising, the building of the homes and more. He cleared up some misconceptions the public has about Habitat for Humanity such as getting a free home.

He told Rotarians about the care-a-vanners and how they have been instrumental in building homes in the area.

The organization is currently building their 17th home on South Adams Street.

During Wilson’s presentation David Silva, president of the Prosperity Bank, presented Wilson with a check for $178. Every year, Silva and the bank provide a monetary donation to JWC Habitat for Humanity to help the organization with costs.

Other members of the board present at the meeting included Gilbert Aguirre, Sandra Bowen and Melissa Trevino. The board members also spoke about the house plans, application process and the families helped through the organization.