The Jim Wells County 4-H Rifle team is recruiting and looking for youth interested in being a member of the 4-H rifle team.

SAFETY first is the first rule of the shooting sports project. Through the rifle discipline, youth learn firearm safety, responsible handling and use of .22 rifles, firing line procedures and commands, ammunition, equipment, shooting positions, targets, scoring, competition rules, and much more. Youth use .22 rifles and learn to sight in and adjust to various distances as well. The JWC 4-H Rifle Coach is Eddie Garcia and he is a Texas 4-H Certified Rifle and Shotgun Coach meaning he has gone thru extensive trainings to work with our youth.

Any JWC youth interested in being a member of the team must attend a mandatory safety meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 5:30 p.m. at the Home Economics Building at the Fairgrounds.

Members are required to be members of a 4-H club and can obtain that information at this safety meeting or for more information in joining 4-H, contact Jim Wells County Extension Office at 361-668-5705 ext 7.