The Alice High School team outpointed some of the best Academic Decathlon teams in the state to win its second meet of the season Saturday.

Alice won the Academic Decathlon Invitational at Corpus Christi Carroll High School Saturday. The Alice team defeated Bandera High School, which was a state champion last year, and Corpus Christi Ray High School, which is led by some of the highest-ranking honor students in the country.

In Academic Decathlon, students compete in subjective categories which consist of a speech, interview and impromptu questions. Students competed in seven objectives, which consist of Literature, Science, Social Science, Art, Music, Economics and Math.

In the Honors Division, Genevieve Toureilles was second in Music with 700 points, fourth in Art with 740 points, fifth in Economics with 620 points, fourth in Science with 640 points, and fifth in Math with 429 points. She was overall in the honors division with a score of 429 points. Also in the Honors Division, Madison Timmons was second in Art with 800 points, fourth in Language/Literature with 740 points, third in Social Science with 780 and fourth place in Music with 660 points. Overall in the Honors Division, she had a score of 4,483 points. Justin Pastrano was second in Economics with 700, fifth in Speech with 800 points. He had an overall score of 3,891.

In the Scholastic Division, Ali Shah was second in Art with 700 points, second in Economics with 540, second in Science with 520 points, second in Social Science with 500 points, fourth in Music with 360 points, fifth in with Language Literature with 480. Shah was second place overall in the Scholastic Division with 3,471. In the Scholastic Division, Trent Rodriguez was 15th in Music 520, second in Art 700, 15th in Economics 560, first in Science with 580 points, 15th in Social Science with 560 points and 15th overall in the Scholastic Division with 3,626 points. In the Scholastic Division, Gavin Zerrato was third in Science with 440, second in Math with 486 points, fifth in Music with 340 points, fifth in Language/Literature with 480 points and fifth in Economics with 440 points. He had an overall score of 2,926.

In the Varsity Division, Ruth Jimenez was second in Math with 343, 15th in Music 400 points, fourth in Economics with 280, third in Science with 280 points and an overall score of 2,003. Also in the Varsity Division, Shah was fourth in Math with 257, fourth in Music with 300 points, 15th in Social Science with 440, second in Economics with 380, fifth in Art with 340 points. He had an overall score of 2,257.

Alice is coached by longtime Alice High School educator George Beltran.

The competition was the Alice Decathlon Team’s final meet before the Region III meet on Feb. 7 and 8 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The top teams at that competition advanced to the Texas Academic Decathlon.