Award-winning country artist Aaron Watson is coming to Stephenville and will headline Twisted J Live at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 15.

Here are a few facts about the artist that Rolling Stone calls “Texas country’s reigning indie underdog.”

1. Watson, 42, is a Texas native and grew up in Amarillo.

2. Watson has self-released 15 albums and performed at thousands of shows across the globe.

3. His album Vaquero featured a song called “Outta Style” which earned a BMI Millionaire award while his album The Underdog was the first independent album in the history of country music to top the Billboard Country Albums chart.

4. His most recent album released in 2019 is called Red Bandana and features 20 songs, all of which were written by Watson alone. PARADE notes that this accomplishment represents the first mainstream country record in over a decade that was solely penned by one person (since Alan Jackson’s Good Time).

5. His album Red Bandana also contains numerous personal touches like an audio of passing trains recorded from his front yard and the static from his dad's treasured AM/FM radio he'd listen to while helping his dad with their janitorial business.

“I poured my heart and soul in that album and am very proud of it,” Watson told the E-T. “As an artist, that’s the type of impact you hope that your music will make. Writing definitely goes in waves, but it’s also what I love to do, so I’m constantly working on writing. Just because I may not write something for a stretch doesn’t mean I’m not pushing and continuing to try.”

6. On Jan. 16, he will be inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, which will find him joining the same ranks as George Strait, Willie Nelson and Nolan Ryan.

7. As for what he’s working on next? Music, of course.

“I’m excited for the tour this year supporting Red Bandana. Some of what we are doing are coming back to places like Stephenville which we haven’t been to in a while. I’m constantly working on writing new music and definitely should see some new music coming out in 2020,” he said.

8. For the past 20 years, Watson has achieved success on his own and as Forbes says, he’s "one of country music’s biggest DIY success stories." He hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. His advice is to “believe in yourself and don’t give up.”

“I’m very proud of all we have accomplished and Texas Music and its independence means a lot to me. When my story can impact others to chase their dreams, that’s a huge reward,” Watson added.