Alice Independent School District presented the Athletic Program Proceeds in the amount of $30,000 during the scheduled trustee board meeting Monday, Jan. 13.

In the past, AISD would outsource the athletic programs guides that showcase game schedules and player information. The company in turn would take their cut for print and design leaving on average $8,000 to $10,000 from the sales and ads for revenue to the district.

Last year, AISD hired Ofelia Hunter who previously worked for the Alice Echo News-Journal. She used her experience and knowledge with the newspaper to start an athletic program guide created and designed in-house with the current AISD equipment.

"This was a total team effort with many hands helping in the process," Hunter said. "Last year, the football program had 88 pages, we added 42 extra pages a total of 130. The AISD team helped sell ads with local businesses and sent communication on the project in student report cards- and it came out better then in previous years with a net profit of $30,00. The money will go to the entire AISD Athletics."

AISD will begin their next venture with the implementation and design for the 2020 graduation program guide.