Walmart recently invited Pick Up Service shoppers to their store to see how their personal shoppers hand select each item on their list.

Personal shopper Joshua Rodriguez took Nancy Ramirez to witness the process. Rodriguez took Ramirez through the entire process especially the produce and meat sections.

Ramirez witnessed several things that she considered important to know.

1. When picking fresh produce they consider “Freshness and Quality.” They want to hand select the best so they pick the most colorful, ripe and freshest looking produce.

2. When selecting the meats. Shoppers also go by color, and the package date and expiration date.

3. When something on your list is unavailable, they will substitute for the next best item.

4. Lastly, they do a quality check of all the items on your list before loading up all the items in your cart.

5. $10 off online for your first pick up order.