Animal Control is always looking for good homes for the strays they care for.

January is the highest time of the year for surrendered pets. After the holidays, the pets bought as gifts or an edition to the family seem to become to much and result in the high number of surrenders. Experts suggests giving the pet four to six months to adjust and learn the new rules of the home.

"I want to find every pet we care for a home, but would rather an animal be surrendered than harmed or not cared for," said Alice Animal Control Officer Jose "Chema" Martinez.

The featured dogs have both been surrendered at the shelter and are ready for a permanent home.

The adoption fee is $25.

All animals adopted through the city should be sterilized 45 days after adoption. A voucher can be picked up from People Assisting Animal Control that would give a discount with the spay and neutering of the animal.