Daniel Davila, the owner of Triple D Fitness and Nutrition, has a passion for getting the community “moving and groovin.”

His love as a Zumba Instructor stems from the benefits and confidence Zumba gave to him.

"I have always been a very shy person and Zumba pulled me out of my shell. I want to give that to the community,” Davila said. “We have been blessed with a good turnout this year after moving to a bigger space in 2019."

With all the January resolutions to healthy living, Triple D Fitness and Nutrition class attendance has drastically increased with plenty of room for more, Davila stated.

"I'm looking forward to 2020 and have plans on expanding Zumba Gold to help seniors stay active and also a Zumba kids class to get the community’s kiddos fit and healthy and feeling better," he said. "Zumba is called the exercise in disguise because its fun and burns a ton of calories and is also a great stress reliever.“

For more information on Triple D Fitness & Nutrition and a Zumba class schedules contact 361-227-6361 or visit on Facebook.