Local Calallen graduate J.W.CUDD is making a name for himself in Los Angeles, CA., with an album release on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

CUDD was home for the holidays visiting family and enjoying all the things only Texas offers," CUDD said. "It's nice being around all the friendly faces here in Texas it's very different in L.A."

CUDD graduated from Calallen in 2007 and grew up in the area singing and performing country music from a young age. Now, an acclaimed artist in acting, metaphysical art and music; he has reinvented himself artistically the last four years through an array of established work.

"I have been on a long journey while learning and becoming in touch with being clairvoyant. It’s taken time and understanding to give meaning and expression for that journey," CUDD said. "The metaphysical art expresses some of that process."

His art collection "Angel Artifacts" was featured at the Entertainment Weekly's PopFest. The exhibit debuted over two years of his metaphysical art work.

He gained success promoting his latest movie LISTEN; a high school drama depicting mental health with a group of youths united by self destruction, tragedy and redemption with a strong message; described on his website as a dark indie.

CUDDS's latest creative venture debuts his music album release and single "Thinking of You" which was released early on Thursday, Jan 2.