After 25 years of serving the Alice community, Silva’s Snow Cones will now become Rick’s Snow House after selling it to the Silva’s nephew, Ricardo Rubalcava.

Silva’s Snow Cones has become a cornerstone of the community by winning awards, sponsoring local events and creating jobs for many residents.

Silva’s Snow Cones started in a small trailer parked in front of the H-E-B back in 1994. It established itself as the best place to get raspas and grew to several more trailers, then a drive-thru on Highway 281, and finally to its current size and location on the corner of East Front and South Almond Street.

“I am very proud to pass on our snow cone traditions and recipes to my nephew,” said Olga Silva, founder and owner of Silva’s Snow Cones. “Who else to better entrust with our loyal customers than someone who has worked alongside us for over 20 years. We expect to make a smooth transition and are confident our customers will love Rick’s Snow House as much as they loved Silva’s Snow Cones.”

Silva’s has established itself as the best place to stop when you need a sweet treat to quench your thirst or snack to satisfy your hunger, according to a press release. Customers are always greeted by someone friendly and ready to serve them. Customers can expect the same level of service, variety of offerings, and quality of snow cones from Rick’s Snow House.

“We are blessed and excited for the opportunity to continue to serve the Alice community with the same quality products and the same great customer service,” said Ricardo Rubalcava, owner of Rick’s Snow House. “We are honored and thankful that the Silva Family trusts us to continue their family snow cone tradition.”

When asked what is next for the Silva family, the answer was retirement. “We can’t thank the Alice community enough for embracing us and making us who we are today,” said Roberto Silva, founder and owner of Silva’s Snow Cones. “Passing this business to our nephew makes it easier to retire knowing we leave our customers in good hands.”

About Silva’s Snow Cones

Silva’s Snow Cones was established in 1994 by Roberto and Olga Silva. This family-owned business has been serving the Alice community for over 25 years. During this time, they have employed hundreds of Alice residents alongside their sons, nieces, nephews, and family. Silva’s Snowcones is known for their quality service, unique flavor combinations, and delicious raspas.

About Rick’s Snow House

Rick’s Snow House was founded in 2012 in Beeville, TX by Ricardo and Vanessa Rubalcava, niece and nephew of Roberto and Olga Silva. After apprenticing with Silva’s Snow Cones for almost 13 years, the Silvas helped launch Rick’s Snow House in Beeville. Rick’s Snow House maintains the same quality and delicious raspas as Silva’s and has added some additional offerings to make Rick’s Snow House their own.