Hundreds of our nation’s men and women will be celebrating Christmas away from their families this year. These men and women have chosen to protect the rights of Americans and sacrifice their families especially during holidays.

America’s Last Patrol out of Benavides wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The Last Patrol is made up of veterans of America’s wars. They understand the sacrifice soldiers have undertaken.

Albert Mendoza, founder of the Americal’s Last Patrol, took approximately nine hours to built and paint a tribute to all soldiers in the United States Armed Forces.

The mural has a soldier saluting the United States flag with another soldier kneeling at the cross with a saying “Last Patrol Ranch stands for the flag and kneels for the cross.”

The mural can be seen in San Diego on South Tovar Street. For the Christmas season, it is adorn with Chistmas lights.

According to Mendoza, the mural will remain on the side of his house for everyone to see all year long.