SAN DIEGO - Christmas has a deep and powerful meaning behind it. Gifts, sparkling lights, Christmas tree and Santa are season traditions, but what about the origins of the season.

San Diego Family Worship Center has been hosting a Christmas play every year for at least two decades that shares the true meaning behind the season.

On Sunday evening the church and the community gathered at the San Diego Civic Center. There the youth depicted what happened over 2,000 years ago that started the holiday season when Jesus Christ was born, said co-pastor Rick Martinez.

The annual Christmas program began with the miraculous conception of Mary and ended with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus fleeing to the land of Egypt to hide from King Herod’s wrath.

The sinners prayer was said giving everyone in attendance the chance to accept the Lord as the savior.

The children of the church also showed off their talents with dances to Christmas songs. Everyone in attendance received a free turkey meal and kids got a gift from Santa.

To see the Christmas play visit the San Diego Family Worship Center Facebook page.

Martinez reminds everyone the Christ was born to save the world from sin and welcomes everyone to their church on Wednesday nights and twice on Sundays. The church is located at 300 South Trevino Street in San Diego.