Technology advances are vital in the fight against crime. The war on drugs is a constant battle that comes through Jim Wells County.

Recently, the JWC Sheriff’s Office purchased a brand new hand held x-ray scanner made by Viken Tchnologies.

The scanner, purchased with forfeiture funds and the help from the District Attorney’s Office, has the ability to detect false compartments and contraband hidden in vehicles, trailers, tractors and other forms of transportation. The scanner can also be utilized to detect hidden contraband in the walls and floors during a search.

This is another incredible piece of technology that will be used as a took for law enforcement in the effort to combat the war on illegal contraband.

The scanner retails at $42,000. The scanner was sold to the department at a discounted rate.

Sheriff Bueno and the department continues its efforts to progress with up-to-date technology that can assist law enforcement. This type of technology at one time was only available at places such as check points or ports of entry at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, it can be held in the hands of an officer.

Bueno looks forward to outfitting all the units with computer tablets that will allow officers to do their reports more efficiently from their vehicle. This upcoming project is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2020.