The City of Alice accepted a plaque for their success in the Texas Municipal Leagues Discovery Program during their scheduled city council meeting held Tues. Dec. 17.

The efforts will assist the city in risk management and loss prevention with a decreased experience modification rate (EMR). EMR is the number of insurance companies that represent a businesses prior to a workers comp claim and the potential for future injuries.

Businesses with lower EMR's pay less for their workers' compensation insurance.

The City of Alice deceased their EMR by 36%, during this process. This was a city team effort with the support given of a newer employee and Risk Management Specialist; Melissa Perez who has worked the Discovery program in Kingsville and had the expertise and leadership to take the Alice team to the finish line.

The programs that will be implemented induce.

Accident Prevention Plan

Drug and Alcohol Program & Polices

Safety Committee

Annual Safety Training schedule

Quarterly Safety Inspections

Underground Utilities Policies

Modified Duty Program Polices