The Alice High School Academic Decathlon team was first out of 25 teams from around the state in the Bandera Decathlon meet this past weekend.

Students attended a two-hour orientation on essay writing last Friday. In the afternoon, students competed in subjective categories which consist of a speech, interview and impromptu questions. On Saturday, students competed in seven objectives, which consist of Literature, Science, Social Science, Art, Music, Economics and Math.

In the Honors Division, Genevieve Toureilles was first in Music (640), third in Art (660), second in Economics (620), third in Science (600), second in Language/Literature (820), second in Social Science (780) and first place overall in the honors division with a score of 6,242 points.

Also in Honors, Madison Timmons was first in Art (760), third in Economics (580), first in Science (700), first in Language/Literature (860) and first in Social Science 820. She was second place overall in the Honors Division with a score of 5,988 points.

In Honors, ]ustin Pastrano was second in Music (620), third in Social Science (680) and first in Economics (700). In the Scholastic Division, Ali Shah was first in Art (620), second in economics (540), second in Science (520), first in Social Science (580). She was first place overall in the Scholastic Division with 5,202.

In Scholastic Division, Trent Rodriguez was first in Music (460), first in Art (620), first in Economics (580), third in Science (480) and second overall in Scholastic Division with 5,139.

In Scholastic Division, Gavin Zerrato was first in Science (540) and third in Social Science (520).

Shan Shah was second in Economics (360).