For the third time since September, Matthew Munoz was arrested in connection with a burglary.

On Tuesday morning, citizens in the Coyote Acres area, outskirts of Alice, observed Munoz with two nail guns walking away from a residence. The citizens called authorities and they photographed him with the stolen equipment.

“This again is only possible because our citizens are helping our office. They noticed he had two nail guns and was walking away from a residential area,” said Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno. “When citizens approached him, he dropped the stolen equipment and ran. Officers later found him.”

Sheriff Bueno urges everyone to continue to be vigilant especially with the holidays around the corner when thieves like Munoz won’t hesitate to take your possessions. He reminds everyone not to leave any valuables especially Christmas gifts in their vehicles and to always lock your doors.

“He’s a continuous burglar who continues to commit these crimes in our county. At this point we’re please we have a motion to revoke warrant on him. This is an unfortunate time for victims who (Munoz) continues to target to support his drug habit,” Bueno said. “I thank the citizens for being vigilant and partnering with us in identifying these individuals. We’re tired of having our hardworking citizens victimized.”

Munoz was charged with criminal trespass and a motion to revoke on a theft.

The motion to revoke means that Munoz will not have a bond until he goes to court and sees a judge, according to sheriff officials.