Jim Wells County Commissioners approved $49,838 in funds for materials to replace the pavilion at the Jim Wells County (JWC) fairgrounds during the scheduled Commissioners Court held Nov. 21.

The pavilion is currently being rented for events, dances and BBQ's and used for the annual county fair.

"The pavilion which is right next to the merchant building will be completely torn down and replaced with new structure only using the foundation which is in good shape," said Precinct #2 County Commissioner Ventura Garcia. "The $49,838 is only for the materials needed to replace the entire structure- the next step is to locally bid for the assembly and labor with funds from the next budget year."

The new building will be 60x170 in width and 14 feet high on the sides and 22 feet high in the middle.

The pavilion will be torn down after the first of the year. The projected time for completion will be summer 2020.