Safety in today’ world is essential for first responders as they have pledged to serve and protect the community.

When Chief Aniceto "Cheto" Perez was officially named police chief for the Alice Police Department he began to make safety and security changes to the department.

"For the last year, I started making changes to our security measures. Starting from the front of the building to the back of the building...," Perez said. "It’ all to make the station more secure, make it more customer friendly and to keep our officers safe. We need to be more secure especially with the way society is now. There’ more violence (directed) towards law enforcement and other public figures."

Perez feels that everyone should have safety in mind; everywhere they go. When he drives around town and enters public buildings his first thought is safety.

According to Perez, he has addressed places like City Hall, the school district, Walmart, H-E-B- and others about safety measures they should implement.

"You want to know whose entering these place and why. Anyone who deals with public matters should have security measures in place," Perez said. "These measures can give you a chance to escape or whatever you need to do in case of a threat."

The biggest change at Alice PD is the fact that the general public is no longer able to just walk into the department and walk the hall. People must know enter the lobby at the back of the department, fill out a form and let dispatch know of your needs who will then contact administration.

"These are not (all) new policies. Just no one ever enforced them," Perez said. All employees have been trained on the policies in place."

According to Perez, he hasn’t received any negative comments about the new security measures.

He said that he will continue to enforce safety and security measures at the department for law enforcement and public safety including the hiring of additional officers.