The Inspections Department in Alice is asking the public to be mindful when consuming and selling food to the public. The City's regulations on food permitting are to promote public safety and some recent concerns have become an issue in the area.

Code Compliance Officer Celeena Rodriguez personally conducts the health inspections in the area.

"The public should look for a yellow colored health permit in all mobile food vendors and peddlers; if they're operating with a current permit it will be visible- because that's part of being in compliance," she said.

A recent issue the department faced was an individual selling chicken salad during the Jim Wells County fair parade this year.

"Someone could have potentially become very sick – food like that must be kept at a specific temperature to prevent bacteria growth", Rodriguez said.

One reacquiring issue the city has seen is the safety concerns with barbecue benefits and food handling. When money is exchanged for food and that food is available for public consumption then the rules change and those rules are here to protect the public.

Director of Community Development, Patrick Thomas stated he understands that barbecue benefits provide support for families in need - but they have seen the same people host a benefit routinely and make a business out of it without being permitted to serve food.

"We are not here to be the bad guys and shut anyone down. We want to educate and help people by providing more inspections and the information to prevent someone getting sick due to poor practices," Thomas said. "We also want the business activity in the city, but those businesses need to operate safely."