Jim Wells County Precinct 4 Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez recently unveiled his new trash truck to the public.

The 2019 truck will be used to start picking up trash in the Ben Bolt area on a regular basis. It is a one man operation meaning the five extra men who were a part of the trash collection were designated to other areas in the precinct.

Gonzalez said the new truck would save the county over $100,000 plus labor and fees.

“We have spent over $180,000 in trash fees, labor, maintenance on vehicles and trailers to pick up trash from households. This truck will generate $240,000 plus in revenue,”Gonzalez said. “We will put the $180,000 back on the road which is our main objective.”

The weekly service will be split into two days for residences to have a chance to get their chance out on either day. The truck is equipment with cameras that county officials can review.

“We were in dire need and I’m so excited,” Gonzalez said.