BENAVIDES - In emergency situations communities really on a group of people that are specifically trained to see the worst possible. Many times people forget to say thank you and acknowledge the work that they do; the sacrifice that the men and women in law enforcement give to their community.

On Monday night, first responders from Duval County and surrounding areas were honored for their hard work and dedication.

“I’m so grateful for all that you do for Duval County,” said Brad Wyatt, administrator for Wyatt Ranches and The Wyatt Foundation. “This evening, we are here to express are gratitude to each of you, first responders.”

The first law enforcement appreciation dinner was organized by the Duval County SHeriff Romeo Ramirez along with The Wyatt Ranches and Wyatt Foundation.

Brad Wyatt remind the first responders of how important they are; how many lives they touch as part of there careers.

Also present at the dinner were they San Diego High School’s Marachi Azul Y Oro. Students with Benavides, Freer and San Diego Independent School District were also present to serve the first responders.