Rilynn Beard is a soon to be 8 year old girl with a joy for prayer; while attending the Orange Groove annual fall festival this year she had a strong feeling to pray for a man standing near her.

Beard states she felt the need to pray over an Orange Groove Police Officer securing the event. When asked why she felt that she said, “Because I know he does a lot to protect us and I love GOD; so I pray.”

Rilynn's mother Amy Beard shared her story on Facebook and was surprised to get over 50 shares and many comments, one of which came from OGPD Valverde himself. Valverde wrote “This little girl was put in my path last night for a much needed pick me up”. “This gives me hope for our young generation.” “May GOD bless her.”

Beard who will be turning 8 this week is in the second grade and believes in the power of prayer and how those prayers reach people in time of need.