SAN DIEGO - Because of the community involvement with the San Diego Fire Department, Lowe's manager Genaro Arce and Irma Gutierrez, store assistant manager, decided to give back to the department by hosting a fundraiser.

On Tuesday, Arce presented San Diego Fire Chief Juan Soliz with a total of $1,100 from the fundraiser. The monies will go towards life-saving equipment and department uniform shirts.

"When I found out that these (firefighters) don't get paid, but they are always present in the community, I called my area manager. We just had to do something for them," Arce said. "We want to make sure that we help (organizations) who make a difference in the community."

Soliz is grateful that Arce and his store would want to help them.

"The store giving back to us, knowing that we're in need...Donations that are made to the department always goes back into the community. We get to buy equipment that's used to serve the community," Soliz stated. "Thanks to the store and to the community that donated. It's a great thing...This helps us provide better customer service."

Arce plans to continue giving to non-profit organizations that make a difference in the community.