Calallen I.S.D is requiring clear bags for all high school venues. Events held at Calallen High School will not allow entry to any visitors that have any other type of bag. These high school facilities include the stadium, baseball field, softball field, gymnasium and auditorium. This procedure does not apply to elementary or middle school campuses but does apply to any event hosted at the high school facilities. 

Prohibited on the venues are the following: backpacks, duffle bags or large totes, purses larger than 5.5” x 8.5”, cases (camera, binocular, etc.), mesh or straw bags, fanny packs,  printed pattern or tinted plastic, folding chair bags, stadium seats with zippers or pockets and reusable grocery totes. 

The following are allowed on the venues: bags for medically necessary items, news media equipment (for credentialed media), official team and other field photographers, diaper bags (child must be present). 

Calallen I.S.D enforces that these procedures should be followed, any guest that has any prohibited bag will be asked to return to their vehicle to leave their belongings.