Homecoming is right around the corner for the Alice Coyotes, which means the students will participate in their spirit week starting on Sept. 23. The final day of Homecoming will be on Sept. 27, the same day the Alice Varsity Football team will go against Tuloso-Midway for their Homecoming game. A pep rally will be held prior to game day. One of the fun events that will be taking place in the pep rally will be coaches and teachers who volunteered to kiss a pig. One of coaches that volunteered was Coach Kyle Atwood, Athletic Director. The reason for this fun event is to help raise money for their National Honor Society Officers to attend a LEAD conference in Chicago this school year. This event will be held by Coach Jessica Cantu, who is currently the National Honor Society Advisor and Alice High School Cheer Coach. Students will place their votes next week on who they would want to see kiss the pig.