SAN DIEGO - A 2019 F750 brush truck was recently added to the San Diego Fire Department fleet that will help battle brush fires, but, most importantly, save lives.

The brush truck, number 1805, holds 1,000 gallons of water, 10 gallons of foam along with life-saving equipment. The truck was purchased with two grants from the Texas A&M Forest Service.

"We designed this truck as a multi-functional vehicle. It can go into brush to fight brush fires, but it is also set up to respond to a house fire or a vehicle fire," said San Diego Fire Chief Juan Soliz. "What we did was mirror this truck off of our other truck, 1801. We tried to keep them with a similar set up for training purposes. We don't have to retrain too much when the trucks are similar. When we have to use the new truck our firefighters will already know how to use the equipment on the truck."

Duval County is mainly brush land. The volunteer fire department averages between six and 12 brush calls a month, Soliz said. They also assist other fire departments such as Alice and Brooks County with fires.

The department has a fleet of six trucks including a pick up.

"The biggest reason for our department to have so many trucks is to never leave the city unprotected whether we are out assisting another department or one of our trucks breaks down," Soliz said. "If one goes down, we have another to back us up...We have three dedicated brush trucks, a rescue pump and an engine...They can all be utilized for different scenarios."

Soliz wants people to remember that the department's men and women are volunteers and our out protecting the community. Because of the manpower they have, they can assist with all sorts of emergency calls. He also wants to remind the community that they are always looking for volunteers.