Alice Mayor Jolene Vanover was recently notified that a former Alice police officer conducted a search on her without probable cause.

On Thursday, Vanover contacted police to make an official report against former officer Enrique Saenz.

Vanover requested copies of an investigation that was conducted on Saenz. Saenz was under investigation for misusing the police department's work system. The results of that investigation by a third party investigator hired by the City of Alice led to Saenz's termination.

"After obtaining the records, Vanover learned that the former officer had gained her personal information such as her social security number and other pertinent personal information," according to a police report.

Vanover told police that she is a victim of fraud, official oppression and abuse of authority. She also said that she fears that her personal information could be in jeopardy, report said.

The case is under investigation and no arrests have been made.