Wyatt Ranches, on behalf of The Wyatt Foundation, has donated $115,000 to the Nueces County Emergency Services District 4 for use by the Bluntzer Volunteer Fire Department. The funds were solicited by the volunteers to expand and rebuild one of the District’s fire stations, located on Farm to Market Road 1833, in rural northwestern Nueces County in the communities of Banquete and Bluntzer.

EMS Chief and Assistant Fire Chief Diana Blunzter had contacted Wyatt Ranches during the hot summer months, in the midst of the drought, and requested the funds from The Wyatt Foundation for use with the station. Chief Bluntzer said the station, originally built in 1985, was in desperate need in expansion to protect their larger and more modern fire-fighting equipment. The chief advised their budget could not accommodate the expense; and, the communities urgently needed this grant.

The Foundation’s Board summoned Chief Bluntzer and two of her volunteers to provide more details; and, following the presentation, their request for $101,643 was provided and approved with a $115,000 grant. The volunteers immediately called their builder and expect to have the project completed within a year.

The Nueces County Emergency Services District 4 has 25 active volunteers and 11 part time EMS medics. The Fire Rescue volunteers respond to more than 150 fire service calls each year, while the paid medics respond to over 550 emergency medical calls per year. The District is lead by Commissioners Geoffery Atwood, President; Donald Herrmann, Vice President; Paul Swetish, Treasurer; Otis Grupe, Vice Treasurer; Kathy Mayo, Secretary; Lloyd Bluntzer, Fire Chief; and Diana Bluntzer, EMS Chief and Assistant Fire Chief.

Situated in South Texas and also in West Texas, Wyatt Ranches has six cattle ranching divisions. These cattle ranches are scattered south from Agua Dulce to the Rio Grande River; and west from Marfa to Valentine, with some ranches supplemented with agricultural farming operations.

The Wyatt Foundation has made numerous donations to governmental entities and non-profit organizations in the rural areas of both South and West Texas…as well as donations for hospitals and teaching universities in the metropolitan areas of Texas. The Foundation’s Board of Directors include the Hon. Ana Lisa Garza, Billy C. Wells, Don C. Nelson, Steven B. Wyatt, and Bradford A. Wyatt.