The Lady Coyotes volleyball team took a tough loss against Tuloso Midway Warriors on their first home district game on Friday Sept. 13. The coyotes played through 3 tough sets but still showed no signs of discouragement. Tuloso Midway defeated Alice, 3-0. 

The Lady Warriors offense was too strong for the coyotes in the first set, causing the score of 25-9. It was a slow first set for Alice, until Deandra Ybarra broke the ice with her serve, causing the first few minutes of the game with a score of 5-1. The second set was when the Lady Coyotes started to improve in both their defense and offense, but still did not manage to go beyond the Warriors. With their improvements of the second set, the Lady Coyotes ended the set with only 5 points behind, 25-20.

The 5 point difference motivated them into going to the third set strong. Both the Warriors and Coyotes showed potential in the third set. Both teams had strong defense and offense, causing competition and the game to continuously be back and forth. After great sets and hard spikes, the Coyotes fell short on the third half with the total score of 25-19. 

The Lady Coyotes have their next district game against the Flour Bluff Hornets.