A incident between two Alice High School students Monday, Sept. 9 led to the campus being placed on lockout Tuesday afternoon.

According to police reports, Alice High School principal Dr. Cid Cantu told police that the male student made a threat to harm another student. Police were called Monday and a report was made, but no one was arrested.

Tuesday afternoon, police were called to the campus agains and students were placed on a lockout. During a lockout, students are not allowed to leave their classrooms until teachers and administrators given the all clear.

Police were told that the male student admitted to the assistant principal that he wanted to hurt the female victim and that he was upset with her mother and brother, report stated. The suspect also stated that he wanted to harm himself.

School administrators and the juvenile probation officer decided that the suspect would not be arrested. Instead, they wanted to give the suspect a chance to receive help from the local MHMR office, report said.

The male suspect was suspended from school.