The Rotary Club of Alice holds a weekly meeting inviting special guests to talk about the current events or other important topics. On Wednesday, Alice Rotarians gathered at the Alice Country Club for their meeting with special guest Laura Pulido, Registered Nurse and Trauma Coordinator for hospitals in Alice, Beeville and Kingsville.

Pulido talked about a "taboo" issue - kids in cars. A topic she is passionate about; a topic that "can happen to anyone."

She told Rotarians that in 2018, 52 children died in vehicles in the United States not because parents or guardians are bad, but because they got distracted. According to Pulido, 56 percent of child deaths in vehicles are because the child was "unknowingly left."

Pulido has hope that children won't be left in this situation as more inventions are being made to prevent these tragedies.

She explained the greenhouse effect in vehicles and how in the first five minutes of turning off a vehicle the temperature inside can rise 19 degrees even with the windows cracked. She told stories of how this issue has affected good parents who are respected members of their community.

Pulido gave fact sheets to Rotarians and asked them to think about the next time they get in a car with or without children. She expressed that even if a person doesn't have children they should take steps to prevent leaving a child in the car for that one day that they must carry a child.

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