An aspiring music career has taken off for 15-year-old Jason Guerra whose also known as DJ Lucky J.

Lucky J, of Alice, began his career with his father at an Alice radio station. He learned the ropes at the radio station and together they performed at different functions for public and private events.

After cutting ties with the radio station, he started his own internet radio station featuring Tejano music called Mixmasters Internet Radio. His followers started to accumulate around the world with some of those followers being Tejano music artists including 12-year-old Tristan Ramos of Midland. Ramos is a accordion player with his own music career and his own band.

Lucky J and Ramos became instant friends when Ramos reached out to Lucky J to perform with him in an upcoming event. Ramos, then, invited Lucky J to perform with his band at the 16th annual Vegas Tejano Music Convention in August.

Lucky J and his family drove to Las Vegas from Alice, Texas for an “unforgettable experience.”

Lucky J was nervous as he kept inching closer to the convention, but all that disappeared when he got on stage to perform.

“We were getting closer and closer, making me very nervous...As soon as we got to Las Vegas that's when it got really scary,” he said. “But as soon as I went on stage and saw the audience all my nervous went away. I knew I could do it.”

Lucky J is use to being recognized at different businesses in Alice and community events, but he wasn't expecting hundreds of fans wanting pictures with him and the band.

“We couldn't even make it to our booth. It was just a bunch of pictures. Everyone wanted pictures with us. Telling us how great we did especially because we are so young,” Lucky J said. “After the show, (the band), my sister and I went to get a soda. It took forever before we returned to our seats. It was just wow. Everyone asking for pictures. It's amazing, but also an honor.”

Lucky J credits his success with his father, first and foremost. However, he also credits the local newspaper who exposed him more to the public and Ramos for the invite and the opportunity to surpass his wildest dreams.

He has officially signed a contract with Ramos. Now, Lucky J and Ramos' band will head to San Antonio in November for the Tejano Music Awards. The band is up for two awards – best new male of the year for Ramos and the group for best new band of the year.

“I really hope to make Alice proud and inspire people to never give up on their dreams. We need to focus on the positive in our lives,” Lucky J said.