PREMONT - Administrators at Premont Independent School District have had several milestones in the last few years. After almost closing down, Premont's Texas Education Agency (TEA) ratings have been a a "B" for two years, teachers are getting raises and student enrollment is at an increase.

The hard work that administrators and teachers at Premont ISD hasn't gone unnoticed. The school is open and they are building a new Early College Academy (elementary) thanks to a bond approved by voters.

Recently, teachers will get a raise due to the passage of House Bill 3 in the Texas legislature, which provides property tax relief -- taxpayers will see a 14-cent reduction per $100 dollar valuation in their property tax -- as well as additional compensation for teachers.

Teachers with less than five years of experience will receive a 9-percent increase in pay, and teachers who have taught more than six years will receive a 14-15 percent increase.

In Texas, the money follows the students, which means more funding and more programming. The district may see more funding as student enrollment on the first day of the 2019 school years has increased 14.14 percent compared to the first day in 2018.

Premont Early College Academy (elementary) gained approximately 37 students in 2019 and Premont Collegiate High School gained about 43 students. The district's total for 2019 is at 653 compare to 573 in 2018.