Local law enforcement officers discussed changes made by legislators that changes when officers are expected to collect DNA samples.

On Wednesday, Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno and Alice Police Chief Aniceto Perez along with their staff discussed House Bill 1399 - DNA required upon arrest. Officers from Jim Wells and Alice Police attended training at the sheriff's department training room.

House Bill 1399 is related to the creation and storage of DNA records for a person arrested for certain felony offenses. This change becomes effective on Sunday, Sept. 1.

Law enforcement is required to collect DNA samples from qualifying individuals using a CODIS Buccal Swab collection kit. All DNA is submitted into a data base that is used by law enforcement agencies across the nation.

House Bill 1399 makes the mandatory DNA sample post-arrest instead of post-indictment, according to Sheriff Bueno.

Through Amendments to CCP 42A.352 and Government Code Section 411.1425, law enforcement agencies will now collect a DNA specimen from individuals merely arrested for crimes such as but not limited to murder and capital murder; kidnapping; continuous human smuggling; all sexual assaults, robbery and prostitution.