A Tuesday afternoon raid at a home on the 1600 block of Pena Street resulted in the discovery of meth and marijuana as well as the arrest of a 36-year-old woman.

Jim Wells County Sheriff's Narcotics Division with the assistance of Alice police executed a narcotic search warrant at the home.

When they entered the home, investigators detained two women and found two individuals inside the home who were bedridden. The elderly woman and her bedridden son were checked out by EMS and given medical clearance. Adult Protective Services were called about the unsanitary living conditions, according to Sheriff Daniel Bueno.

As investigators searched Jessica Marie Garza's bedroom they found the drugs along with scales and packaging materials.

With the hot sun shining down, investigators continued to search the property.

Investigators released the second woman, who does not reside in the home. According to officials, she was at the residence to clean the home.

According to sheriff officials, there has been a rise in the number of ice and meth users, and has become the "drug of choice."

"Once individuals get hooked, it's hard to get them off. The only way to do that is with professional help which is expensive. We need to educate our children and continually talk to them about the dangerous of doing drugs and how these poisons affect our systems."

According to sheriff officials, some of the meth found had a brown color and they don't know what the additive the drug is mixed with. They urge anyone who may have a batch of brown meth or ice to take it by the sheriff's office to be tested.

"If you're dealing drugs and you know someone else is selling more than you. I challenge you to report them," Sheriff Bueno said.

To report any criminal activity or suspicious activity call 361-668-0341 or to Crime Stoppers at 361-664-STOP, if you'd like to remain anonymous.