Recent events in San Patricio County against cotton farmers and their crop, has Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno warning anyone thinking about mimicking the same criminal mischief.

Recently, cotton farmers in San Patricio County found the cotton bails sliced opened and damaged. While they were able to recover some of their crop the crop lost value. 

Sheriff Bueno is giving a warring for anyone who causes any damages to ranches, farms or property in Jim Wells County that they will not tolerate any type of criminal activity.

Anyone caught destroying property will not be tolerated . They will be arrested and will be financially responsible for damages to crops or cotton bails.

Sheriff officials ask the public to contact them of any and all suspicious activity in the area.

Sheriff Bueno is closely working with other sheriffs to solve criminal activity.

San Patricio County Sheriff Oscar Rivera is now offering a $15,000 reward for information on damages in his county. To report any damages call 361-364-9600.