Mentors help young adults feel guided, encouraged and supported especially when provided by a mentor with a broad range of personal experiences and professional skills. Studies have shown that young people with mentors are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, and set higher goals for achievement while gaining valuable advice from a more experienced person. And one local non-profit group strives to utilize this model as part of its mission of moving high potential individuals from poverty to prosperity.

The Dream Come True Foundation of South Texas (DCTFST) consists of a dedicated group of community members who identify potential qualifying candidates, recognized as Dreamers, who are goal-oriented, have a desire to succeed, believe in their abilities, but can’t quite achieve success on their own.

The Dream Come True Foundation of South Texas is not merely a scholarship or tuition assistance program. The DCTF believes in a holistic approach to help motivated individuals define and achieve success. Once the foundation’s committee members identify the potential Dreamer, they pair the individual with a personal and professional mentor who can assist with decision making, improving self-confidence, and developing improved personal and professional skills.
Scott Jones, a professor of music at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, is a DCTFST mentor and has been mentoring Alice resident, Justin Salinas for well over a year. As someone who grew up in a low-income household and the first in his family to attend college, Scott thoroughly understands the challenges that many Dreamers are experiencing.

According to Scott, “serving as a mentor is a special honor. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Justin and his family and offering my ideas and experiences to help him out as he navigates college, raising his young family and managing a tight budget. I’m proud of Justin for his determination and strong character. He’s overcome major challenges in his life and its rewarding for me to play a small role in helping him succeed.”

Kevin Jimenez is a young married father of two who has been a Dreamer with the foundation since its inception in 2016. “My mentor has provided me with not just leadership skills, but so much more. As being the first generation in my family to attend higher education, I have a sense of purpose, and my mentor helps me to overcome life’s obstacles. I appreciate the wisdom and guidance he provides, and he’s not only bound to me but also bound to my family as we strive together to be successful.”

The Dream Come True Foundation of South Texas is a one hundred percent volunteer organization that serves residents in Jim Wells, Kleberg, Kennedy, and Brooks Counties. The Foundation is sustained primarily through local donors and businesses and one annual fundraiser – The Flavors of South Texas. Community members are encouraged to attend this fantastic event where they can experience food and wine tastings from a variety of local restaurants and caterers. This year's event is scheduled on September 27, 6-8pm at the Henrietta Memorial Center (Ice House) at 405 North 6th Street in Kingsville.
Tickets are $25 and available for purchase at You can also stay up to date with news and events on their Facebook page: The Dream Come True Foundation - South Texas.

The Dream Come True Foundation of South Texas is always looking for Dreamers and Mentors. So whether you are the person ready to achieve your dream of success or someone who wants to make an impact in their community and inspire others through mentorship, please visit our website at or e-mail us at All mentors are required to attend a four hour mentoring training program.