An observant individual helped avoided a tragic situation when they called police Thursday, Aug. 15 about suspicious people at their neighbor's home.

According to Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno, the observant neighbor was outside their home on County Road 134 and saw the neighbor's estranged boyfriend on the property. The neighbor immediately called neighbor and told her the situation. Then, the neighbor called police.

When police arrived they located the estranged boyfriend, Phillip D. Uribe, and his friend, Matthew I. Garcia, at the home.

Uribe had a loaded weapon on him, according to Sheriff Bueno.

"It could've been a very violent situation if the neighbor hadn't reacted," he said. "This is one of the reasons people who see something suspicious should say reported it. Thankfully, a tragedy was avoided all because the neighbor intervened."

According to sheriff officials, the couple has had domestic violence issues in the past and the neighbors were aware.

The semi-automatic 9mm pistol was confiscated. Police discovered the serial number had been filed off. ATF was called.

According to sheriff officials, the men recognized themselves as Latin King gang members.

Uribe and Garcia were arrested for unlawful carry of a weapon and altering of a serial number. They were booked into the JWC jail.