Gilbert Gonzalez Jr. was recently arrested when law enforcement officials discovered he had 6 grams of cocaine in his home on the 900 block of King Street.

Gonzalez was arrested in connection with several burglaries in Jim Wells and Duval County through a collaborated effort between law enforcement officials. A juvenile was arrested and police are searching for a second juvenile.

As police searched Gonzalez's home for stolen items, they came across the cocaine as well as 10 Xanax bars.

The arrest came as an anonymous tip.

JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno reminds people that these burglaries and thefts occur as drug addicts are trying to get their money for their next fix. He urges everyone to report any suspicious behavior they see.

This investigation is ongoing an expect more charges to be filed on Gonzalez and more arrests to come.

Gonzalez was charged with possession of a controlled substance, and manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.