ORANGE GROVE - About a year ago, Jim Wells County commissioners agreed to purchase equipment that would benefit all of the counties residents. The equipment bought is to help fix the deteriorating streets.

"We are saving our taxpayer's money by working with our own equipment and man power," said JWC Commissioner Carlos "Coach" Gonzalez, precinct 3. "We have TxDOT employees teaching our employees how to properly use the equipment and how to pave our streets."

If the county were to contract this work, they would be looking at approximately $100,000 for a stretch of two miles. Instead, the work will cost about $38,000 for the two miles, Gonzalez said.

On Wednesday, crews were completing the chipseal process on a part of County Road 351, behind the high school. They have already completed a section of County Road 305.

"What happens is we pay for the material, it's prepared and our guys do the work," Gonzalez stated. "You see the alligator cracks in the road. If those aren't taken care of water will seep in and create potholes. These guys are first sealing the alligator cracks with the hot oil, then the machine will overlay a layer of rocks. Our guys will pour more rocks and spread them evenly to seal the first layer. The will let the first seal set before doing a second seal."

The equipment will be used to pave many streets throughout the county, making roads better to drive on.

"We're doing tis together. Using the same equipment and technique to give our county residents better, smoother roads," Gonzalez said. "It's about working together for those who count on us."