For the second year in a row, CHRISTUS Spohn Associates provided lunch to the children who attend the summer program at the Boys and Girls Club of Alice.

On Tuesday afternoon, approximately 100 kids received a lunch by the hospital associates. The associates also provided the kids with basic school supplies to help them kick-off a new school year.

"We're always honored to serve our community in any number of ways," said Thomas McKinney, President of CHRISTUS Spohn Hospitals Alice and Kleberg. "We jump at opportunities to serve the minds, bodies and spirits of our friends and neighbors, and providing school supplies allows us to continue to serve our children each and every day throughout the school year."

Last year, the associates spent the afternoon serving lunch and playing games with the BGCA kids. The event was such a hit that this year the associates returned for a day of lunch and fellowship.

"We did this last year and we loved hanging out with you guys...," McKinney told the BGCA kids. "We believe that taking care of people is not just about taking care of people when they're sick; it's about taking care of our community."