Continuing education after high school can be costly. That is why the Jim Wells County Farm Bureau awarded scholarships to local students on Wednesday.

"We offer these scholarships to support our local youth," said JWC Farm Bureau President Buddy Tymrak. "Trade school, college and university educations can be expensive. Scholarships are our way to provide assistance. It's also our way to invest in the future of Texas."

Brooke Lassman of Alice and David Gebert of Orange Grove received their scholarships through the JWC Farm Bureau's scholarship program. Lassman received the Edwin Goldapp Scholarship and Gebert received the Lindsey A. Koenig scholarship.

"This young man and young lady were selected based on their academic, scholastic and agricultural involvement," Tymrak said. "We are proud of their commitment to their education and to agriculture."

"We are confident these student will be successful in their future endeavors," he said.

A list of TFB scholarship and other opportunities for Texas youth can be found online at