A broken pipeline left some 3,500 CenterPoint Energy customers in Alice without service early Monday afternoon, and city officials are saying the restoration could take up to three days.

That means those customers could be without natural gas until Thursday.

The break in the pipeline occurred near Agua Dulce when a farmer accidentally damaged the line. Alice city manager Michael Esparaza said the line pipeline is the main feed for natural gas into Alice.

According to CenterPoint Energy, the process to restore services involves CenterPoint Energy turning off every gas meter in the city before they can pressure up the line once it is repaired. Following the repair, workers will have to go back out and turn every meter back on. This process is for the safety of customers, and is labor-intensive and time-consuming, according to a City of Alice press release.

CenterPoint Energy has approximately 100 employees assigned to this process. They have assured the city that they are working diligently, however, the expectation is for complete service restoration to be completed in two to three days, according to the city.

“The City of Alice Fire Department, Police Department, Codes, Public Works and administration is committed to ensuring the safety of our residents, and we are contacting restaurants, health care facilities and other businesses to ensure safety and health concerns are still being met,” Esparza said.

For any concerns, call CenterPoint Energy at (800) 427-7142.