PREMONT - Premont police are searching for 21-year-old Mark Anthony Lozano and consider him "armed and dangerous," according to Premont Interim Police Chief Marcela Jimenez-Scott.

Police were conducting a raid at a residence on Southwest Sixth Street Thursday night. Police had arrested Lozano, who was wanted on burglary and drug charges, and two women. Lozano began to complain that his handcuffs were "too tight" and an officer went to adjust them. Lozano "head-butted" the officer and took off on foot.

Several law enforcement entities joined Premont police in the overnight search, but did not find Lozano.

Lozano was last seen wearing gray shorts, no shoes and was in handcuffs.

According to Chief Jimenez-Scott, Lozano is believed to be headed to Houston where his mother and sister reside.

Anyone caught harboring Lozano can and will be charged, Chief Jimenez-Scott. 

Police urge anyone who sees Lozano or knows of his whereabouts to call 9-1-1 immediately.