After lots of time, sweat and a range of emotions, the Farias family moved into their new four-bedroom home.

On Thursday, Roy and Monica Farias along with their children became official homeowners and received the keys to the home on Mary Vera Street thanks to the Jim Wells County Habitat for Humanity and Care-a-Vanners.

"I feel excited and humbled and blessed and in shock," Monica said as her family and friends mingled throughout her new home. "All my dreams have come true."

Family, friends and board members bowed their heads as Father Chris Becerra of St. Joseph Catholic Church prayed for home and blessed each room.

"God blesses everyone. We know that. We see blessing everyday, but to know that (this time) it came to us, Monica said. "It's different to receive the blessing."

The Farias oldest child is 11-year-old Alexis Farias. She will be sharing a room with her little sister. They are planning to decorate turn their room into a flower Paris theme.

"I'm happy and I love it," Alexis said. "It's beautiful, but I'm still very shocked. I didn't know it was going to happen."

To qualify for the next Habitat for Humanity House, applicants must have a housing need and the ability to make payments. Applications are available for the next house at the Alice Echo News. The deadline is July 31.